aws AI Marketplace

The aws AI marketplace is a platform for artificial intelligence (AI). It provides an overview of AI solutions and allows you to connect directly with the respective AI providers. Basic information on artificial intelligence is available for newcomers. The platform is publicy accessible free of charge at

aws AI Marketplace in a nutshell

Was is funded

Connecting AI providers with in-demand companies and research institutions





Target group

Start-ups, SMEs, large companies, Research institutions that either want to offer or use AI

Type of funding

Connecting-Services for cooperations


Funding volume

Project term

Ends with termination of participation by AI provider




Duration of the authorisation

7 working days


Success rate

50 %


aws AI Marketplace in detail

PROVIDERS of AI solutions:

Start-ups, established companies, and research institutions, in accordance with the aws Connect Terms of Service, can apply to become an AI provider through the aws Connect platform. If the response is positive, a listing will be made on the aws AI marketplace.

Demand for AI solutions:

The aws AI marketplace is open to the public and free of charge for visitors.

  • Find the right provider for your project under
  • Connect directly with the AI providers by clicking on "Contact Providers". You will be connected directly via e-mail.
  • Get an overview of AI initiatives from Austria:
  • Visit us regularly for new AI videos, articles, news, and much more!


AI providers must meet the following criteria:

  • The company or research institution must have its registered office or an operating facility in Austria.
  • There must be an active offer of AI solutions related to technology, products, services (except for pure consulting and IT service companies).
  • The use of artificial intelligence must be clearly recognizable and described on the specified website.


AI providers register on the aws Connect platform and select the aws AI marketplace from the program overview. The profile and the AI marketplace questionnaire must be completed. By clicking on "Save & submit data", your application will be forwarded to the responsible aws employee. You will be notified of the admission within seven working days.

Type of service

Networking between AI providers and in-demand companies and research institutions

  • Companies and research institutes that do not have a registered office or operating facility in Austria.
  • Companies and research institutions that do not have an active range of AI solutions
  • Companies and research institutions that do not clearly describe the use of AI on their website
  • Pure consulting and IT service companies

An application is only intended for AI providers:

  1. Register on register
  2. Log in and select "aws AI Marketplace" in the program overview
  3. Fill in your profile and then complete your questionnaire in the "AI Marketplace" section
  4. Click on "Save & Log in"
  5. After positive feedback from aws, you will be listed as an AI provider under  

Duration of approval: 7 working days

aws AI Marketplace


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