aws Creative Impact special terms and conditions: enter into cooperations


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This information gives an overview of particular specifications in the aws programme aws Creative Impact.

The programme provides small and medium-sized enterprises of any industry with the necessary financial resources to work on a recognized and defined problem to process a solution.

Assuming that most of the work will not be done in the company itself but will be carried out by involving at least one other company and that the content of the project belongs to the creative industries.

  • SME
  • Description of a specific problem as the innovation project at hand
  • Involvement of at least one company in a major part of the project (third-party contracts > 50% of the project costs)
  • The problem must be relevant, not only for the SME submitting the application
  • Mandatory quarterly posts on social media

Funding amount

100,000 euros to 200,000 euros, up to 90 % of eligible project costs

Project term

1 year


You will receive the grant in 3 tranches upon reaching predefined milestones.

  • Tranche 1: 40 % when the funding agreement is accepted and returned
  • Tranche 2: 40 % after interim report, interim accounting if necessary and after agreed milestones are reached
  • Tranche 3: 20 % after final report, final settlement and after agreed milestones are reached

Application, selection and decision

Step 1: aws ranks the projects; based on the best-of principle and the budgetary requirements, selected projects are admitted to the further selection process.

Step 2: Project pitch in front of a jury; jury prepares a funding proposal; aws makes final funding decision.

Duration of the approval process

The process from application to final decision lasts 2–4 months

Service line for specific questions regarding the application and programme:

Phone: +43 1 501 75-880

Serviceline e-Mail: