special terms and condition: SME.E-Commerce

Due to the great demand for funding from the KMU.E-Commerce program, the budget funds provided have already been used.
An application is no longer possible.

This information provides an overview of special specifications in the "aws Digitalization" program. The purpose of this porgam is to support SMEs in e-commerce and m-commerce.

Field of Business

All companies of all sectors expect:

  • Agriculture and forestry (= primary production of agricultural products), fishing and aquaculture
  • Companies whose core business is based exclusively on digital business models (e.g. software and app application, brokerage platforms, fintechs), thus focus on pure digital service provision by the provider to customers
  • Nonprofit associations
  • Local authorities

Company size

  • Focus on SMEs with a key figure in the company register (KUR) and a business location in Austria.

Type of financing

non-repayable grant


  • eligible costs between 2,000 euros and 100,000 euros.
  • 30% of the eligible project costs (maximum grant: 30,000 euros).

Eligible costs

Implementation of new investments as well as related services from external providers (e.g. programming activities, [cloud] software licenses, overall service packages, m-commerce optimization), which make a significant contribution to achieving the following objectives:

  • Development of a professional website for the marketing and distribution of products and services, including booking platforms
  • Introduction and expansion of online shops as well as use of auction, sales or service platforms, social media tools, website monitoring and content marketing
  • Establishment and optimization of online shops with regard to m-commerce and its user friendliness
  • Support in e-commerce business processes (goods provision, logistics, payment processes, CRM)
  • IT security, protection against cyber attacks in e-commerce solutions
  • Establishment or use of e-commerce quality marks

Costs for the (cloud) software licenses as mentioned above can be funded for a maximum of 12 months and the payment of these costs for this period must be proven at the settlement.

This results in a differentiation from the digitization program KMU.Digital 2.1, which can also support e-commerce projects, but in which the project lower limit is 5,000 euros and the project upper limit is 30,000 euros with a maximum subsidy of 5,000 euros and requires paid advice support .


The grant is paid as a one-off amount after the project has been completed.

  • Projects whose total eligible costs exceed 100,000 euros or fall below EUR 2,000 euros
  • Costs that were already funded in the programm of KMU.DIGITAL
  • In case the implementation of the project has been started before the submission of the application
  • Costs that are not directly related to an e-commerce project
  • Replacement investments without further technical developments (e.g. exchange of PCs, tablets or smartphones, standard upgrades)
  • Investments with an investment location outside of Austria
  • Costs that are not related to an entrepreneurial investment (e.g. private shares as part of the investment costs)
  • Projects for which funding is not guaranteed
  • vehicles
  • Financial investments
  • Financing costs
  • own work capitalized
  • Costs resulting from an acquisition/a company takeover
  • ongoing operational costs (e.g. personnel costs)
  • Costs related to export-related activities
  • Consulting costs
  1. You apply for funding via the aws funding manager incl.
    - a statement of project costs
    - a project presentation: initial situation, objectives and results
  2. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from us.
  3. We analyse the application in detail and take the decision if we can support your project.
  4. We will let you know our decision in any case as soon as possible.


Duration of the approval process

1-7 days

Your contact

Clemens Wacula
Garantien und Prämien für KMU
Renate Vedra
Garantien und Prämien für KMU
Roland Maria Ernst
Garantien und Prämien für KMU
Sabine Felsner
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