aws Jump Start

With aws Jump Start we promote incubators, accelerators and incubated start-ups so that they can establish innovative and technology-focused companies or business ideas faster on the market and minimize risks.

Industry sectors

  • Incubators and accelerators
  • Incubated, highly innovative and technology-focused start-ups from all sectors

Company Size



  • At the time of application, the incubator or accelerator is operational for at least 12 months.
  • The accompanied start-ups are in the pre-start-up or start-up phase.


  • At the time of application, at least 3 start-ups must be located in the incubator or accelerator.
  • The incubator or accelerator has experience with bundled services for incubated companies – e.g.
    • economic, financial and legal advice,
    • mentoring and coaching,
    • Network offers or
    • Experience with digital business models.
    • The business model of the incubator or accelerator is powerful and scalable.
  • Legal forms:
    • GmbH,
    • non-profit GmbH
    • OG, KG or
    • association

One of these legal forms must be established before the subsidy contract is drawn up.

  • Not eligible:
    • pure real estate projects, e.g.
    • «virtual centers»,
    • Office, laboratory or production rooms without joint management and
    • Location communities without interdependence and common region-related economic or socio-economic goals.
  • The incubator or accelerator receives no financial support from the federal government for this or a similar purpose.
  • The incubated start-ups are highly innovative and technology-focused.
  • The application is made by partnerships, natural or legal persons.
  • The application is submitted before the project.
  • The registered office or permanent establishment is located in Austria.
  • The project will be implemented in Austria.

Program Objectives

By promoting incubators, accelerators and incubated start-ups, innovative and technology-focused companies and business ideas are to be established more quickly on the market and risks must be minimized.

Success rate

10 %

Type of financing


Funding amount

  • Up to € 150,000 per incubator or accelerator
  • Per incubated start-up up to € 22,500 - for max. 5 startups for each sponsored incubator or accelerator

Project duration

2 years

Eligible cost

Up to 100% of

  • Staff cost
  • Material cost – e.g. software, consulting fees, studies
  • travel and training cost


50 % at project start, 50 % after finalisation of the projekt





  • Incubators / accelerators and startups that do not meet the above requirements
  • Incubators / Accelerators, which primarily serve foreign companies

Deadlines for applications

Currently you can not submit applications.

Decision process

  1. Application: You submit the application with a form via the aws funding manager.
  2. Formal Examination: We check that your application is timely, formally correct and complete. Possible defects can be remedied within 2 weeks.
  3. Content assessment: An evaluation panel of national and international experts will check whether your application meets the quality criteria:
    • To what extent is the incubation concept suitable for pursuing the goals of the program?
    • Do you have the necessary qualifications and experience to successfully implement the project?
    • Are costs, time and effort in reasonable relation to the planned results?
    • What sustainable value do the concepts create - for incubators or accelerators, incubated start-ups and the regional economy?
    • Are the project results for incubator, accelerator and / or incubated start-ups significant in the short or long term?
    • International Benchmarking: How well is the underlying problem solved?
  4. Recommendation of the evaluation panel: Based on the results and taking into account the objectives of the respective thematic focus, the evaluation panel submits a recommendation for funding - including possible conditions and / or conditions.
  5. Funding decision by the aws: Based on this recommendation, we decide in the name and on behalf of the federal government, whether your application is approved or not.
  6. Subsidy contract: We send you an offer with all conditions and conditions. You then have 2 months to accept this offer.

Duration of the process

Approx. 1 month

Your contact

Lisa-Maria Stöger, MA
Lisa-Maria Stöger, MA