aws Patent Funding for Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Overview


Are the FAQ legally binding?

No, they are not legally binding. They only serve to summarise frequently asked questions. The FAQ are continually updated.


2. Invitation for application


Who can apply for funding in conjunction with obtaining an intellectual property right?

Universities according to the Universities Act (Universitätsgesetz) 2002 as well as according to the Federal Act on the University for Continuing Education Krems (Bundesgesetz über die Universität für Weiterbildung Krems) (“universities”) and universities of applied sciences according to the University of Applied Sciences Studies Act (Fachhochschul-Studiengesetz) (“universities of applied sciences”) are eligible to apply.


Can questions in the application be answered in English or can documents be made available in English?

Yes. The processing of the funding, e.g. the funding agreement, however, is always carried out in German.


For which kind of intellectual property rights can funding be applied for?

Funding will be provided for measures to obtain intellectual and industrial property rights (patents, utility models and, in combination with one of the aforementioned property rights, also trademarks). There are the following distinctions depending on the funding applicant:

  • Universities of applied sciences can apply for funding for priority and PCT applications.
  • Universities can apply for funding for the nationalisation of an existing patent.


What is the maximum amount of project costs that can be submitted?

Independent of the total project costs, submissions must comply with the maximum limits set out in the guideline specifications.


Priority and PCT applications up to EUR 4,200.00 (max. 70%) Grant up to EUR 6,000.00 Total project costs

Follow-up patent applications: up to EUR 10,000.00 (max. 50%) Grant up to EUR 20,000.00 Total project costs

Should total project costs be higher than the applicable upper limit for the case in question, only the maximum amount as defined above can be submitted.


Can I refer in the application form to any documents in which the required information is contained?

No. The application form should be completed in full by you, it is not possible to refer to any additional documents submitted in this context.


Until when can an application for funding be submitted?

Applications for funding can be submitted to the aws until 30/06/2021 via the aws Funding Manager.


When can a grant application for nationalisation or a PCT procedure be submitted?

Applications concerning PCT and nationalisation applications can be filed at the earliest three months before the respective application and nationalisation deadline.


Is it possible to submit documents after the deadline for submissions?

No, it is not possible to submit documents after the deadline for submissions.


3. Project Selection


How is the funding decision made?

The submitted documents are reviewed for completeness and formal correctness and the funding decision will be made on this basis.


Is it possible to subsequently submit documents after a negative funding decision?

No. If the application is incomplete, it is not possible to submit any documents subsequently. The application is rejected on formal grounds.


4. Processing


As of which date are costs eligible?

Only costs incurred after the reference date and that were paid before the end of the project period are eligible for funding. The reference date for patent funding is the date on which the application for funding was sent to the aws Funding Manager. The reference date can never be earlier than the date the formal application for funding was received. You can also find the reference date in the funding agreement.


How are the project costs settled?

Settlement can only be made once using the expenses form that can be downloaded from the aws homepage.


Is it possible to submit forgotten invoices retroactively?

No. The final expense report completed by the grant applicant can only be submitted once: it is not possible to change an expense report or to submit an additional one.


Can invoices of less than EUR 20 be accounted for?



When is the deadline for submitting a final expense report?

The final expense report can be submitted until 01/11/2021 at the latest.


Can I send the signed funding agreement via email?

No, as indicated in the guideline specifications and the funding agreement, agreements can only be submitted via the portal "aws Funding Manager" on the aws website.