aws Protecting Innovation

Your company relies on innovative products and business models.

With aws Protecting Innovation we provide you with support in identifying, strategically protecting, defending and making optimal use of important intellectual property (IP). An IP strategy adapted to your business model forms the basis for establishing and safeguarding your competitive edge.

aws Protecting Innovation funds the development and implementation of a company-specific IP strategy through coaching, combined with grants, for the purpose of implementation.

Link to the national contact point for knowledge transfer and intellectual property.


aws Protecting Innovation information services

Answering your questions on innovation protection and potential funding in a short phone consultation (30 minutes) with aws experts.

Arrange IP appointment now

Individual discussion (2–3 hours) on concrete innovation projects and IP-relevant questions with experts from the Austrian Patent Office and aws.

You will be given options for action and suggestions for the systematic use of intellectual property and information on appropriate funding.

Details at discover.IP Webpage

aws Protecting Innovation (in brief)

What is funded?

Intellectual property rights consulting, IP strategy coaching, costs of intellectual property rights, licensing of intellectual property rights



innovative, technology-driven sectors and green technologies


Target group

Micro enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises


Funding procedure/instrument

Call | Grant


Project volume

up to EUR 200,000 eligible costs (with 50% grant up to EUR 100,000)


project duration

up to 3 years


Submission deadline

At any time.


Approval period

2 - 12 weeks


Success rate

75 %


aws Protecting Innovation (in detail)


Primarily innovative, technology-driven sectors and green technologies

Company size

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, i.e.

  • Employees: <250
  • Turnover: <EUR 50 million  
  • Balance sheet total: <EUR 43 million


Development phase

All business phases


  • Austria is the operating location.
  • They fulfil all formal and content criteria and also program-specific requirements with regard to type of company or number of employees

Success rate

75% – depending on the extent to which formal and content requirements are fulfilled

Development and implementation of a company-specific IP strategy through aws coaching, combined with grants, for the purpose of implementation

aws Protecting Innovation – Green.IP

This proposal sets the priority for the protection of environmental technologies, such as e-mobility or generation of renewables.

aws Protecting Innovation - Implementation

Support for flexible implementation of the already developed company-specific IP strategy through consolidation of resources

Eligible costs

  • Costs of acquiring new intellectual property rights and defending and enforcing existing intellectual property rights
  • Costs of external consultancy services to support the implementation of an IP strategy
  • Personnel costs for IP management
  • Costs related to the transfer of intellectual property rights (licensing, acquisition)


Funding amount

Grant: up to 50% of eligible project costs – but no more than EUR 100,000

Project duration

A maximum of 3 years


As soon as you have submitted the invoices for already performed third-party services





Supplementary services

National Contact Point Intellectual Property

  • Costs resulting from invoices for small amounts below EUR 150 (net),
  • Costs of continuous routine consulting or marketing
  • Court costs and any reimbursement of costs to opposing parties in relation to property right infringements,
  • Ongoing incurred sales-dependent (turnover, units, etc.) licence costs
  • Value added tax
  • Incidental wage costs, travel expenses

Application date

At any time

Application and approval

  1. You apply to aws Innovation Protection via aws Fördermanager.
  2. An independent jury decides on funding applications including a grant.
  3. Funding applications with a grant can be approved in several sub-projects. The allocation of requested costs and consultancy services to sub-projects is clarified in detail in advance with the applicant company.
  4. In each case we will inform you of our funding decision as soon as possible.

Approval period

  • Funding schemes (coaching and grant): jury decision roughly every 2-3 months

Detailed process (diagram) | detailed process (text)

The NCP-IP or the National Contact Point for Intellectual Property in open knowledge transfer contributes to the professionalisation of knowledge transfer in Austria through the targeted transfer of relevant knowledge and tools related to intellectual property in open knowledge transfer. The three most important activities of the programme include the provision of model contracts as part of the IPAG, the development of fair open innovation processes as part of the Open Innovation Toolbox, and a range of services and events for passing on relevant knowledge to the community.

Contact: Ms. Sonja Polan






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Dr. Walter Koppensteiner, MBA
IP Management
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Manfred Lampl
IP Management
Mag. Peter Pawlek
Mag. Peter Pawlek
IP Management Angela Siegling
IP Management
Mag. (FH) Gerd Zechmeister
Mag. (FH) Gerd Zechmeister
IP Management

aws has been a proud partner of WIPO Green, the international marketplace for sustainable technologies of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), since March 2021. This means aws provides targeted support within the Innovation Protection program for environmental technologies for the transfer and utilisation of Austrian environmental technologies.