aws Protecting innovation

With aws protecting innovation, we support you in developing your individual, business-specific intellectual property strategy, i.e. we help identify, secure, protect, and exploit your intellectual property.


Innovative, technology-driven industries above all

Company size

Micro, small and mid-sized companies, i.e

  • Employees: < 250
  • Sales: < 50 million euros
  • Balance sheet total: < 43 million euros
  • Grants possible for two or more employees

Development phase

All phases


  • Austria is the operating location.
  • You fulfil all formal and content requirements

Success rate

75% – depending on the extent to which the formal and content requirements
are fulfilled

  • Initial consultation (discover.IP)
  • IP strategy development: consultation, strategy coaching and grants (nonrepayable) on topics such as
    • Identifying, securing, and protecting your intellectual property for maximum commercial benefit,
    • Sale and licensing of own intellectual property rights,
    • Purchase, licensing and use of third-party intellectual property
  • IP strategy implementation: consultation, strategy coaching and grants (nonrepayable) on topics such as
    • Strengthening of company resources (personnel, training, etc.)
    • IP Analyses
    • Establishment and enforcement of IP portfolio
    • IP Transfer


If you need advice on the appropriate type of support, please contact us.

Funding amount

Grants: up to 50% of the eligible project costs – but no more than 200,000 euros

Project duration

A maximum of 3 years

Eligible costs

  • Costs of creating, defending, and enforcing intellectual property rights
  • Costs of external IP consultants
  • Licensing costs for third-party intellectual property rights

As soon as you have submitted the invoices for third-party
services rendered


The grant is nonrepayable.



Additional funding

National Contact Point Intellectual Property

  • Costs resulting from invoices for small amounts, i.e. below EUR 150 (net)
  • Costs of external consultants in the case of ongoing, routine consultancy or marketing
  • Court costs and any cost reimbursements to opposing parties in connection with property right infringements,
  • Value added tax.

Application date

  • Any time – within the submission deadline until 31/12/2021

Application and approval process

  1. You apply for aws protecting innovation grants via the aws funding manager.
  2. Depending on your needs, 2 aws experts or an independent jury will decide, based on a set of criteria, whether to approve your application – or not.
  3. We will let you know about our decision in any case.

Duration of the approval process

  • Consultations: by appointment
  • Financing decisions: approximately every 2-3 months



Your contact

Dr. Walter Koppensteiner, MBA
Dr. Walter Koppensteiner, MBA
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Manfred Lampl
Mag. Peter Pawlek
Mag. Peter Pawlek
Dr.<sup>in</sup> Angela Siegling Angela Siegling
Mag. (FH) Gerd Zechmeister
Mag. (FH) Gerd Zechmeister