aws Seedfinancing

From prototype to market: aws Seedfinancing bridges the financing gap of innovative start-ups developing high-tech products. Additionally we coach and advise start-ups and help them tap into additional sources of financing.


Deep-tech start-ups – e.g. ICT, AI, digital health, life sciences, green tech, "tech for green", physical sciences and material sciences

Company size

  • Small businesses with < 50 employees
  • Annual sales or balance sheet total of < 10 million euros

Development phase

Foundation phase: 1 year prior to, 5 years after foundation

Requirements (extract)

  • The application is submitted before project start.
  • The business model is based on exceptional technical and scientific challenges (technology leap).
  • The company has great growth potential, with several million euros in sales and financing rounds of at least €5 million being realistic in the next few years.
  • The team is innovative and committed, start-up driven and willing to take risks.
  • Other companies hold a maximum share of 24.9 % and purely financial investors a maximum share of 49.9 %.
  • The requirements of the regulation, the guideline specifications and the GBER have been fulfilled.
  • The limit according to GBER art. 22 has not been exceeded.
  • Additional information is provided in the download area.

Focus GREEN Seedfinancing:

For Deep Tech founders and Deep Tech companies that meet the seed financing requirements AND whose future product or service offering is in the area of the EU Green Deal's fields of action.

GREEN Seedfinancing-Topics:

Success rate

25 %

Type of financing

  • Conditionally repayable grant
  • Industry-specific consulting and coaching
  • Tapping into further sources of financing
  • Network connections

Funding amount

  • Up to 800,000 euros


  • Disbursement: 1–2 years
  • Repayment: up to 12 years

Eligible costs

  • Costs directly related to the start-up, product development, establishment of marketing and sales, such as

    • Marketing and sales costs.

    • investments in fixed assets, e.g. machinery, goods, factory and office equipment, construction measures, inventory
    • investments in intangible assets, e.g. patents, software, employee training
    • Working capital, e.g. rent, personnel, goods, material


You will receive the grant in tranches upon reaching predefined milestones.


Repayable interest free when profitable or when company or individual assets are sold – within 12 years



Additional funding

aws interim management

Possibly aws Creative Innovation within the de minimis threshold

aws Connect

European Innovation Council / Horizon Europe

  • Costs for routine changes to existing products, manufacturing processes or services;
  • Investments in equipment and facilities not directly related to the business purpose of the start-up (vehicles, land, real estate, non-specific building equipment, etc.)
  • Costs for state-of-the-art products or developments that merely aim at a gradual development (incremental innovations)
  • Invoice receipts under EUR 150,– excl. VAT
  1. You apply for funding via the aws funding manager.
  2. We will then analyse the application as to content and formal criteria.
  3. We will invite you for an interview if required.
  4. We will decide whether you should present your project to the external assessment panel.
  5. Together, we will coordinate the milestone plan and the documents for the pitch.
  6. You will then pitch your project to the external assessment panel.

We will let you know our decision in any case.

Duration of the approval process

Depends on the dates of the assessment panel meetings, which take place several times a year, on average 3 months.

Your contact

Dipl.-Ing. Elvira Kainersdorfer Elvira Kainersdorfer
Ing. Mag. Karl Schiller
Ing. Mag. Karl Schiller
Dipl.Ing. Paul Ullmann
Dipl.-Ing. Paul Ullmann