GIN Global Incubator Network Austria

The Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN) is the connecting link between Austrian and international start-ups, investors, incubators and accelerators with a special focus on startup hotspots in the fast-growing markets of Asia (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Israel). As a single point of contact, GIN supports Austrian startups (GO ASIA) or Asian startups in Austria (GO AUSTRIA; managed by FFG) in their internationalization plans as well as connects Austrian incubators/accelerators and investors with international partners (co-investments, etc.). With goAsia, GIN brings Austrian startups to the world’s most innovative startup hubs, help them to build networks with international strategic partners and provide them with essential know-how in terms of market entry and global expansion – strategically and financially (GIN grant).

Field of business

goAsia: Austrian startups of all verticals

Size of the company

Micro to small enterprises

Phase of development

Startup to growth phase (in general not older than 7 years)


  • Austrian later-stage startup (beyond PoC; after seed-stage)
  • Interest to internationalize to the GIN target-regions
  • Interest in connecting with relevant stakeholders (investors, corporates) from the GIN target-regions
  • Innovative product /solution
  • Proven/scalable business model
  • First clients and traction (revenue)
  • Registration on  and providing relevant documents (general account details as well as pitch-deck and current target raise for companies and criteria for portfolio companies for investors/incubators)

Type of financing

Connecting service for the internationalization of Austrian startups to the GIN target regions including a tailor-made, individual 2–4 weeks acceleration program (goAsia)

Amount of financing

Up to 80 % of all expenses for the respective goAsia acceleration program (depending on the length of the internationalization program)


Varies according to the GIN target-regions

Eligible costs

Travel and accommodation costs, participation costs of a tailor-made internationalization program including coaching/mentoring sessions, seminars, and workshops, personnel expenses (in consultation with the GIN program management)


After the successful completion of the goAsia program as a grant




Participation costs of AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA (if applicable)

Additional support
aws Equity
aws Garantuee


  • Startups that do not have or are not planning to have their registered office or their main market activity in Austria or in one of the GIN target regions

Application and approval process

  • Online application for a current goAsia call via  
  • After applying, click on "register now", fill in your profile data, and create your aws Connect account. You will receive a registration confirmation e-mail.
  • Now, you can find interesting offers to extend your international network and to start your internationalization to the GIN target regions as well as connect with corporates, investors and other cooperation partners.

Duartion of approval

  • Registration confirmation will be sent within a day (weekdays only)
  • Preselection within a week after the call closing
  • Online pitch in front of an expert jury and final decision which start-wups have been chosen for the respective goAsia program (no later than two weeks after the call closing)