Senior Management

The Managing Directors of the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (AWS) are appointed by its owners, the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Federal Ministry for Digital, Business and Enterprise.

The Managing Directors of the AWS are also the Managing Directors of the ERP Fund and the Board of Directors of the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development.

Staff unit of the Managing Directors

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christoph Schlinke , MSc
Geschäftsführung - Stabsstelle der Geschäftsführung B. Sagmeister
Mag.a Eva-Maria Titz
Strategie| Evaluierung

Assistants to the Managing Directors

Susanne Stepanek
Geschäftsführung - Büro B. Sagmeister
Katrin Pacholet
Geschäftsführung - Büro E. Stiftinger

Press Officer

Mag. Matthias Bischof
Unternehmenskommunikation | Förderungsberatung

Business areas

The tasks of the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH are divided into three business areas.

Organisation chart 

Business area Soft Loans | Cofinancing

The Business area “Soft Loans | Cofinancing” covers all erp funding products along with tasks linked to the implementation of EU subsidies and EU programmes. The instrument portfolio consists of erp loans, grants from national funds, international funds (EFRE, ELER), coordination and consultancy services.

  • Soft Loan Management | Cofinancing
  • Monitoring and Paying Agency for EU Structural Funds


Mag. Gerfried Brunner
Kredite | Kofinanzierungen

Business area Guarantees | Equity

The programmes of the business area includ f.e.funding products for company founders and recently formed companies, programmes to accelerate company growth, to strengthen international competitive position (internationalisation):

  • Guarantees for Start-ups and Young Enterprises
  • Guarantees for SMEs
  • Guarantees for Corporates and Internationalisation
  • Equity
  • Employment bonus


Mag. Kurt Leutgeb
Garantien | Eigenkapital

Business area Entrepreneurship | Property Rights | Seedfinancing

Creative Industry and Entrepreneurship

The department goal is to better cater for the innovative character of projects in the creative industry e.g. through impulse programmes. Jugend Innovativ (the largest school competition for innovation in Austria) and the National Prize for Innovation are f.e. also managed by this department. Jugend Innovativ places special attention on increasing the interest amongst young people in research, technology, innovation and creativity and fostering an interest in scientific and technical fields of study. The goal of the National Prize for Innovation is to promote public understanding of science, research and technology in Austria by commending innovative and creative companies.

IP Management

The second department within the business area of Entrepreneurship | IPR | Seedfinancing, “IP Management”, functions as a wide-ranging support service for all questions related to the commercial application of intellectual property rights. Here, research institutes and SMEs are offered support in evaluating their property rights standing, funding when acquiring property rights and support in marketing and/or enforcing property rights.


The founding and building up of high-technology enterprises requires technological-scientific consulting and targeted financing. Alongside life sciences and ICT, there are further areas of focus in the areas of, for example, material sciences, nanotechnology, green innovation and finally innovative services devoted to technology and social business.


Mag.a Marlis Baurecht
Entrepreneurship | Schutzrechte | Seedförderungen