New programme structure

The aws has significantly simplified and restructured their offerings to make it even easier for companies to find the right funding in the future. The programmes are transparently grouped in four clusters.

Quick and easy access to funding: the aws restructures their offerings

Supporting companies quickly, simply and comprehensibly. With the aim of further reducing the effort required for companies to quickly obtain the appropriate funding, the aws has significantly simplified their offerings.  The most relevant programmes that directly address companies have been condensed from 44 to 18 and transparently structured in four clusters, without restricting the content offered.

As the Austrian Federal promotional bank, the aws is the central contact point for innovative and growth-oriented companies in all phases of their development. This means that aws provides support from the very first idea through to international market success. The programmes are correspondingly bundled in the clusters “Developing ideas”, “Setting up a business”, “Sustainable expansion” and “Connecting Services”.


Customer needs at the centre

Thanks to this new structure, the orientation for companies is significantly improved. For instance, the most frequently chosen offers are being given greater prominence, and programmes with special target groups - such as universities or incubators - will in future be offered as special programmes. This provides quick access. Besides the structuring of the offers, the programme names and programme information have also been optimised during the simplification process.

With this step, customer needs were once again resolutely placed at the forefront. An important milestone has been reached following the expansion of the aws into a digital promotional bank: with the help of online tools, companies have been able to conveniently configure, manage and digitally sign matching subsidies for over a year.

The four clusters in more detail

By bundling the public funding schemes to form four clusters, the overview for customers will be much easier in the future. Especially because of the different requirements and needs in individual company phases, the aws programmes have been grouped together in the clusters “Developing ideas”, “Setting up a business” and “Sustainable expansion”. In addition, the “Connecting services” cluster offers a variety of networking programmes, for example when looking for cooperation partners, business angels and investors.

“Developing ideas”: With the goal of strengthening entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as a career option in Austria, this cluster combines all programmes that relate to the pre-foundation phase. This involves the aws acting as a companion in the development of business ideas, in the preparation of the business plan, but also as a risk partner in company funding.

“Setting up a business”: For the aws, promoting and financing start-ups is a central element in the further development of Austria as a business location. After all, it is especially young, innovative and growth-oriented companies that contribute significantly to the innovative power of the region and create new jobs. In this cluster and in this phase of the company, the aws provides support in the form of loans, guarantees, equity capital, grants and coaching.

“Sustainable expansion”: Even established companies have to contend with market failure from time to time. It can be difficult to secure the necessary financing, especially for innovation and innovative growth projects. Yet it is precisely these courageous growth steps that are needed in a digitally interconnected economy in order to secure jobs and the innovation location in the long term. The aws therefore supports the development of new products and new production methods, the scaling of business models and the internationalisation of technologies.

“Connecting services”: It is becoming increasingly important for start-ups, but also for established SME, to find suitable partners at different stages of the company. Obtaining reliable information is difficult and often associated with high costs, especially for smaller companies. Being a neutral mediator, the aws therefore provides a range of networking services to companies where there are no functioning and marketable solutions.

Apart from the funding and financing programmes, the aws supports specific target groups, such as universities, incubators as well as the film industry, or exclusively during specific periods, such as during competitions. These subsidies are grouped together in the special programmes.