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Growth & internationalisation Are your innovations taking off? How do you finance big growth spurts? Reduce the costs of implementing innovative projects and thus of growth and…
Management | Business Areas
Management Senior Management The Managing Directors of the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (AWS) are appointed by its owners, the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and…
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy [Translate to English:] Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH ("aws", "we", "us") is committed to the adequate protection of your personal data. We…
Legal basis | Owners | Clients
Legal basis The Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH was established by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice - Establishment Act (BGBI. 130/2002) with effect as of 31 December 2001 by way of a…
Boosting Innovation
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Brochure: Open for your business
Download Brochure: OPEN for your business
aws in brief
OPEN for your business Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) is the Austrian Federal promotional bank. Our mission is to support young innovative Start-ups, founders, as well as growth and…
aws in brief Brochure: OPEN for your business Boosting Innovation
aws in brief Brochure: OPEN for your business Boosting innovation
Austria Wirtschaftsservice is committed to promote technology transfer initiatives in the area of life sciences in the framework of the “Wissentransferzentren”-Program (WTZ). Between 2014 and 2017,…
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