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aws Connect

Due to its business activities, aws has a wide range of contacts - from Austrian start-ups to (international) investors, established companies and research institutions. As a result of its great business activities, aws has a wide range of contacts to Austrian start-ups, (international) investors, and established companies with strong innovative capabilities. aws Connect provides a platform for these target groups in order to facilitate networking in the Austrian innovation ecosystemThrough aws Connect, these contacts are to improve key players' networking in the Austrian economy. To this end, aws ConnectThe service consists of online matchmaking as well as tailored events and calls that help you expand your network connects these actors through neutral matching services. In addition to targeted online networking, the company's network can be expanded through participation in calls and specific events. With currently 2,500 registered users, aws Connect is the largest independent innovation network in Austria. Interested parties will find detailed information in the following program descriptions. Registration or application for participation takes place on

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aws AI Marketplace

The aws AI marketplace is a platform for artificial intelligence (AI). It provides an overview of AI solutions and allows you to connect directly with the respective AI providers. Basic information on artificial intelligence is available for newcomers. The platform is publicy accessible free of charge at 

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aws Industry-Startup.Net

aws Industry-Startup.Net is a neutral matching service for start-ups as well as companies (SMEs and large companies) that are interested in cooperation. New funding opportunities and calls.

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aws i2 Business Angels

aws i2 Business Angels is an independent matchingservice for Start-ups and investors.

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Global Incubator Network Austria

The Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN) is the connecting link between Austrian and international start-ups, investors, incubators and accelerators with a special focus on startup hotspots in the fast-growing markets of Asia (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Israel).

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aws Equity Finder

Online contact platform for matching companies and investors.

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