Edeltraud Stiftinger, Bernhard Sagmeister | Executive Management

The managing directors of the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (AWS) are appointed by its owners, the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology and the Federal Ministry for Labour and Economy.

The managing directors serve also as the managing directors of the ERP Fund as well as the board of directors of the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development.

Assistant to the Managing Directors

Katrin Pacholet
Geschäftsführung - Büro E. Stiftinger
Dragana Iljic
Geschäftsführung - Büro B.Sagmeister

Press Officer

Mag. Matthias Bischof

Soft Loans | Cofinancing

The business unit “Soft Loans | Cofinancing” covers all erp funding products along with tasks linked to the implementation of EU subsidies and EU programmes. The instrument portfolio consists of erp loans, grants from national funds, international funds (ERDF/ European Regional Development Fund, EAFRD/European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development), coordination and consultancy services.

  • Soft loan management | Co-financing
  • Monitoring and paying agency for EU structural funds


Mag. Gerfried Brunner
Kredite | Kofinanzierung

Guarantees | Equity

The products of this business area include e.g. funding products for company founders and recently formed companies, programmes to accelerate company growth, to strengthen international competitive position (internationalisation):

  • Guarantees for start-ups and young enterprises
  • Guarantees for SMEs
  • Guarantees for corporates and internationalisation
  • Equity
  • Employment bonus


Mag. Kurt Leutgeb
Garantien | Eigenkapital

IP Management | Deep Technologies | Entrepreneurship


The aim of the Entrepreneurship department is to support prospective founders and entrepreneurs through training, workshops and mentoring and funding to become innovative (pre-)start-ups. We start at school level with Jugend Innovativ - Austria's largest school competition (to increase the willingness to start a business) - up to the State Prize for Innovation (the highest award for innovation in the Republic of Austria).

Austria's extraordinary innovative and creative potential can also be found in the Austrian film industry. Thus, we also provide film funding.

Participation in European funding programmes is also part of this department – with the aim to increase the use of European projects initiated know-how in Austrian funding programmes, research and technologies, and thus leveling the impact potential of our programmes. Moreover, we want to shape the framework conditions for European innovation programmes and the formation of strategic partnerships and exchange of good practices.

IP Management

The IP Management department offers comprehensive support for all questions of intellectual property such as patents, trademarks and non-disclosure strategies and their implementation in companies. SMEs, start-ups, spin-offs and research organisations find help with evaluating their property rights situation, funding in obtaining property rights, advice on creating their property rights strategy and in enforcing their property rights. As the national contact point for intellectual property in open knowledge transfer and by promoting knowledge transfer centers, we make a significant contribution to the knowledge and technology transfer in Austria. The department also organises the Austrian start-up prize Phoenix.

Deep Technologies

The focus of the Deep Technologies department is the founding and development of scalable high-tech start-ups and spin-offs mainly in the fields of life sciences, digitization and green tech. The AplusB centers, the academic start-up incubators of the federal states, are also supported. The iöb toolbox programme promotes innovative public procurement projects in a targeted manner.


Dr. Tanja Spennlingwimmer
IP Management | Deep Technologies | Entrepreneurship