Developing ideas

Preparing self-employment and defining the first steps

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aws Preseed - Deep Tech

By means of aws Preseed - Deep Tech, we finance and accompany deep-tech companies in the pre-foundation phase. Goal: technical and commercial preparation, implementation and validation of the “Proof of Concept”.

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aws Preseed - Innovative Solutions

aws Preseed - Innovative Solutions finances and accompanies start-ups in all sectors with an innovative start-up idea, which, beyond the boundaries of the company, generates a positive added value to society and high market prospects within the framework of scalable business models. A first “Proof of Concept” is funded in the pre-foundation and early foundation phase.

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aws First Incubator

With aws First Incubator, we support young, innovative people on their way to having their first very own company – with a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, with guidance and resources, and with professional coaching and financial support, and with the aws first community and a network of experts.

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