aws guarantee – specific terms and conditions: Bridge-Finance-Guarantees due to the Corona Virus Crisis

This information provides an overview of the specific conditions for the program „aws guarantee“.

The aim is to facilitate the financing of working capital loans from companies whose sales and earnings development is impaired by order, delivery or other market changes due to the "corona virus crisis".

Commercial and industrial SMEs (no companies in the tourism and leisure industry)

Companies are excluded from a guarantee

- Companies that meet the URG criteria in the previous business year (presumption of reorganization needs, i.e. equity ratio less than 8% and fictitious debt repayment period more than 15 years) and

- that meet the statutory requirements for opening insolvency proceedings at the request of creditors.


Working capital  financing (e.g. goods purchases, personnel costs) to financially sound  companies are supported, which due to the current "Corona Virus Crisis" have no or insufficient liquidity to finance ongoing operations or whose sales and earnings development is impaired by order failures or market changes.


  • Processing fee: starting with 0.25 % of the amout to be financed, one-time fee
  • Guarantee fee: starting with 0.3 % p.a. (varible to risk) of outstanding liability

The measure must not lead to mere debt restructuring, but must serve to secure and expand liquidity. Short-term loan financing (less than 6 months) is excluded from a guarantee.

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