aws guarantee – specific terms and conditions: young enterprises

This information provides an overview of the specific conditions for the program „aws guarantee“.

Support in the financing of projects by young enterprises. The aim is the financing support for economically independent SMEs in the first 6 years after the founding or takeover date.

  • Foundation/takeover max. 6 years before the application. The earlier date is valid:
    • date of registration in the company´s registrar in case of registered companies.
    • date when the trade certificate was issued (in case of non registered companies)
    • date of takeover
  • In case of takeovers there must be a shift in majority. Example: the current owner hands over 75 % of the shares and stays as owner with 25 % - a 50 % transfer of the current owner would be to less.
  • Up to 80 % of a loan of up to 2.5 Mio. EUR
  • The sum of investment and working capital loans cannot exceed 2.5 mio EUR.


  • Processing fee: starting with 0.25 % of the amout to be financed, one-time fee
  • Guarantee fee: starting with 0.3 % p.a. (varible to risk) of outstanding liability