Plan innovation in detail

Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws) has developed the Plan4You financial planning software with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and in partnership with the start-up service of the Austrian Economic Chamber and haude electronica Verlags-GmbH.

To be successful, you need to plan your innovations or your start-up over the long term. The central component of any business plan is financing. Are you discussing your project with private investors or banks? As a founder, you want to test the market first? Have you been managing a company successfully for many years and are planning to enter a new field of business? A sound financial plan can help you!

The software is designed to allow you to create a top-quality financial plan quickly with just basic economic knowledge. Investment write-downs and incidental wage costs for staff are calculated automatically. Once all of the relevant details have been entered, Plan4You automatically calculates the liquidity plan, funding requirements, budgeted balance sheet and planned profit and loss account with the necessary key figures. The results can be issued in PDF format as a planning document, together with a summary, and are accepted by banks and funding agencies all over Austria.

Plan4You at a glance

  • suitable for sole traders, unincorporated and incorporated companies
  • for reporting companies and cash accounting
  • free of charge for all users
  • online tool
  • "Share Function”: share plans easily with other Plan4You users
  • compatible with MS Windows and Apple MAC OS X, iOS and Android
  • planning period of four years
  • planning on a monthly basis in the first year
  • turnover planning for manufacturing, trading and service companies
  • expenditure, investment and financial planning
  • planned profit and loss account and budgeted balance sheet
  • cash flow calculation
  • up to 3 scenarios per plan
  • any cost items
  • note function for commenting on planning sheets
  • key figure determination using the aws formula
  • many printing functions and PDF analyses
  • unlimited number of clients

Plan4You information provided by the Austrian Economic Chamber’s start-up service

Plan4You registration and login

Technical support

Support hotline

Plan4You is a largely self-explanatory tool. The accompanying help texts can always be found directly beside the input fields.

Should you still have questions, you can call the Plan4You hotline by dialling

+43 5 90 900-5511


Hotline hours:

Monday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Thursday: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

No telephone support is offered outside of these hours, but you may still contact Plan4You support via fax or email:

Fax: +43 1 544 69 79-777