aws Creative Impact

aws Creative Impact promotes innovative new products and services that have the potential to have a positive social and industry-specific impact beyond company boundaries. The funding supports the development of prototypes, the achievement of marketability and the implementation of cooperation projects.

aws Creative Impact in a nutshell

What do we fund?

Foundation, company development with innovative projects

Target group

Natural and legal persons, companies in foundation & SMEs

Type of funding

Non-repayable grant

Funding volume

Up to EUR 200.000,-

Project term

1 year to 3 years


Submission date

Specific dates


Duration of the authorisation

1,5 - 4 months


Success rate

10 %




Company size

Natural and legal persons, registered private partnerships (eingetragene Erwerbsgesellschaft) or business partnerships (Personengesellschaft), SMEs

Development phase

  • Pre-foundation phase – up to 1 year before foundation
  • Foundation phase – up to 6 years after foundation
  • Growth phase – 6 years after foundation or more


  • The application is submitted before the project starts.
  • The project location is Austria.
  • The project comprises innovative development activities of novel products, services and processes.
  • No matter the industry: the creative aspect of the project is mainly related to at least one of the following fields: : social impact, fashion, design, architecture, digitalisation, digital media, gaming, film/music distribution or technology. If the core of the innovation falls in the area of high technology (deep-tech), aws programmes such as aws Preseed and aws Seedfinancing are better suited to this.
  • The de minimis ceiling must be observed.
  • In the case of joint projects involving several equal project partners, all must significantly contribute in a clearly defined manner.
  • For joint projects, the de minimis ceiling applies to each individual partner.

Project goals

Developing, first implementing or achieving market readiness of new or significantly improved products, services, methods, systems and processes.

Success rate

15 %

Type of financing

  • Non-repayable grant

Funding amount

  • Up to 200,000 euros – 50–70% of eligible project costs max

Please note: Whether and to what extent your project is funded depends on the available budget and the applicable funding conditions. You have no legal claim to funding.

Project term

  • 1 year to 3 years

Eligible costs

According to the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness, all of the following directly attributable and actually incurred costs:

  1. Personnel costs, such as salaries and wages
  2. Material costs – tangible and intangible investments,
    such  as intellectual property and licensing rights, development costs for pilot and demonstration objects: machinery, tools, computers, etc.
  3. Other costs incurred directly as part of the project – e.g. supplies, materials
  4. Third-party costs, e.g. contract research; market research and studies, marketing and communication, consultancy and equivalent services, in particular mentoring or coaching specific to a particular topic.


You will receive the grant in 3 tranches upon reaching predefined milestones.





Additional funding


  • Routine adaptions to existing products
  • Commissioned work
  • Series production
  • Investments beyond the Creative Impact project period
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Costs of the operative day-to-day business not directly connected to the innovative development project (e.g. accounting, tax consultancy, office equipment, rent, etc.)
  1. Application: You apply for funding via the aws funding manager – incl.
    • company presentation and team introduction
    • the last two financial statements or balance lists
      – if available, i.e. I/O invoice
    • Financial planning and
    • project presentation: degree of innovation, market, competitors, cost planning, schedules and financing plan, etc.
  2. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from us.
  3. Selection:
    Step 1: A jury of experts makes a first round of selections from the submissions according to the “best of” principle.
    Step 2: The best projects are selected for the final decision round. If necessary, we will ask you for more information on your project ahead of this stage.
  4. We will let you know our decision in any case as soon as possible.


Duration of the approval process

1,5 – 4 months

Special terms and conditions: Creating a Prototype

The call is open.
Submission deadline: September 7
th, 2021 (12 noon)

The aim is to support the development of highly innovative prototypes and first applications (products/processes/services/business models) in the context of digitalisation, social impact, design, fashion, architecture, gaming and film/music distribution or technology. 

The projects are at a very early stage of development at the time of submission. Content and economic feasibility are yet to be reviewed. We back the necessary development steps up to prototype production or creation of a first application. The economic and content-related feasibility are able to be reviewed within the scope of the project.

Link to detail page

Special terms and conditions: Achieving Market Readiness

No submission possible.

The aim is to support the development of innovative new products/processes/services/business models into a marketable commodity. The economic feasibility is plausible. The feasibility of the content has already been checked. A first prototype or first applications already exist.

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Special terms and conditions: Enter into Cooperations

No submission possible.

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Tel. +43 1 501 75-880

Service line for specific questions regarding the application: