aws Energy & Climate

With aws Energy & Climate we help smaller and medium-sized companies to introduce an energy management system and build up energy know-how.

Field of business

All – except

  • Fishery and aquaculture, primary production of agricultural products.
  • Banking and other finance, insurance and real estate
  • Non-profit associations
  • Regional authorities (Communities etc.)
  • Companies in difficulty

Size of the company

  • SME

Phase of development

  • Post-start-up phase - at least 6 years after start-up


  • The application must be submitted before the project starts.
  • You send us offers and an overview of the current energy consumption.
  • You send us a statement of intent from the management that the company
  • carefully handles energy and continuously improves,
  • wants to set strategic and operational energy goals,
  • intends to introduce an energy information system for the purpose of investigating and verifying energy consumption (energy accounting),
  • wants to ensure energy awareness and training of employees in dealing with energy,
  • wants to build up internal control mechanisms - including corrective and preventive actions and
  • the system should be reviewed by the management.
  • The criteria of the EnMS guideline are fulfilled.

Success rate

80 % - 90 %

Type of financing

  • Grant for setting up an energy management system (EnMS) through external consultants

Amount of funding

  • Up to EUR 50,000
  • Consulting, certification or training: up to 50 %
  • Investments in tangible assets, eg B. Measurement technology: up to 30 % of the «de minimis» limit or 20 or 10 % according to AGVO (Article 18)

Eligible costs

Costs associated with setting up an EnMS for

  • External advice
  • EnMS certification
  • External training

Investments in the energy management system

Implementation period

Up to 2 years


  • Consultation: in 2 tranches - upon contract acceptance and project completion
  • Investments: at project completion after billing


  • Project is ended before completion
  • Upon recovery of the subsidy according to the guideline .



Ineligible costs

  • Projects started before application
  • Costs that are not related to the creation of an energy management system
  • Costs for ongoing and unspecific consulting activities
  • Purchase or renewal of energy systems
  • Costs for servers, PCs, printers, monitors, routers, cabling

Moment of application

At any time - until 30.06.2022

Application and approval process

  1. You apply for funding through the aws Fördermanager - incl.
    • Overview of your energy consumption (Excel template)
    • Company and project description
    • Offers for consulting, certification, training and measurement technology
  2. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from us.
  3. If required, we ask for further documentation.
  4. We first check the most important content and formal criteria.
  5. If necessary, we will clarify project details together with you.
  6. We examine the application in detail and decide whether your project can be funded - or not.

We will inform you of your acceptance or rejection within a few days.

Duration of the approval

1–6 weeks