aws guarantee – specific terms and conditions: consolidation

This information provides an overview of the specific conditions for the program „aws guarantee“.

Support in the financing of potentially endangered SMEs (with the exception of tourism and leisure industry enterprises) with the aim of enabling measures in connection with business consolidation which secure the long term chances of success for the enterprise and the employment in the company. The consolidation measures have to include measures by the enterprise itself and also by the investors involved (creditors).

  • Potentially endangered but not insolventSMEs
  • The SME has at least 20 employees (exceptions in case of specific regional importance are possible
  • The participation of the company is required as well as financial contributions of the main investors (ig. Waivers of liabilities) in order to stabilize and improve the financial structure of the SME. 

Amount of guarantee

  • Up to 80 % of a loan of up to 2.5 Mio EUR.
  • The sum of investment and working capital loans cannot exceed 2.5 mio EUR per project.
  • The guarantee also covers existing loans in connection with waivers/discounts and moratoriums.

up to 10 years

Eligible costs

  • projects with a minimum amounts of  300,000 EUR can be financed

Cost of the guarantee

  • Processing fee: from  0.25 % of the amout to be financed, one-time fee
  • Guarantee fee: 
    • for working capital loans from 2.0 % p.a. onward (depending on risk) to the extent of the guarantee ratio
    • for investment loans from 0.6 % p.a. onward (depending on risk)