aws-guarantee – special terms and conditions: internationalisation

This information gives an overview of specifications in the aws program "aws guarantees".

The aim is to facilitate the financing of Austrian companies in the implementation of direct investments abroad if the project corresponds to the strategic objectives of the applicant company, if a positive contribution to its economic development can be expected, and if the applicant company is responsible for the commercial and technical support of the project.

  • The project must have a significant economic impact for the Austria economy in which a significant part of the added value has to take place in Austria and jobs in Austria are created or safeguarded.
  • The relocation of production capacities abroad is explicitly not a goal

Eligible costs

  • Acquisition of companies or shares in companies
  • Establishment of a subsidiary or joint venture,
  • Extension of an existing participation

The investment funds are used as follows in the foreign company:

  • Acquisition of companies (parts of companies) (share deal and asset deal) and closely related other non-capitalizable expenses and operating ressources
  • initial investments (new acquisitions) in the context of establishing or expanding a participation abroad, as well as closely related other non-capitalizable expenses and operating resources.

Costs of the guarantee

  • processing fee: 0,5 % of the loan amount (one-off)
  • guarantee fee: depending on your credit rating annually at least 0.5 % of the guaranteed loan to the extent of the guarantee ratio, in case of counter guarantees by EU-programmes also less.