aws Innovation Protection advice

Depending on the programme, our Innovation Protection services may include:

How do I secure my business model for my innovations?
(Business model canvas, value proposition canvas, strategic classification of the exploitation of intellectual property)

  • Analysis of value propositions and customer segments
  • Identification of spheres of exclusivity as perceived by customers
  • Comparison with market and structural competitors
  • Protection through a combination of various innovation protection instruments

How can I protect my innovations by means of intellectual property rights?
(Patent, utility model, trademark, design, copyright)

  • Information on IPR basics
  • Research (field of technology, competition, state-of-the-art technology)
  • Internationalisation (country selection for registering intellectual property rights)
  • Defence and enforcement of intellectual property rights

How can I protect my trade and business secrets?
(Know-how protection through confidentiality measures)

  • Legal basis
  • Organisational, contractual, technical and operational measures
  • Identification and proper documentation of trade secrets

How can I protect software and data in particular?
(Relevance of data protection strategies and data-related business models)

  • Legal basis (e.g. EU AI Act)
  • Protection of data as a core element of innovation protection, especially for companies in the field of software and data models

Is there a risk of violating the rights of third parties when entering the market?
(Freedom to Operate (FTO) for services and products)

  • Support in the implementation of an FTO analysis
  • Help for self-help, e.g. through targeted preliminary research (patent databases)

Which contractual agreements support my innovation strategy?
(Cooperation agreements, NDA, licence agreements, employment contracts, service contracts)

  • Dealing with intellectual property (foreground, background, sideground IP) in cooperative arrangements
  • Information on ownership, joint inventions, employee inventions, inventor compensation, enforcement rights and obligations, licences, and contract lengths and succession arrangements

What informal innovation protection strategies can be used?

  • Generating competitive advantages through network effects
  • First-mover activities
  • Aim for exclusive cooperative arrangements/resources
  • Build and maintain know-how in the company
  • Defensive publication
  • Technical protective measures

Who else offers support in the area of ​​innovation protection?

  • Contact suitable network partners at the regional, national and international level