aws IÖB Toolbox

The aws IÖB Toolbox is intended for Austrian public procurers who want to make use of more innovations in the public sector.

The funding program is part of Austria’s services for public procurement promoting innovation (PPPI, The objectives of PPPI are to improve services for citizens and to stimulate innovation. The intention is to have public contracting authorities take on the role as a reference customer for innovative companies.

The funding program aws-IÖB Toolbox gives grants of up to EUR 100.000 for Austrian public procurers. Two types of projects are eligible for funding: design and implementation of IÖB-Challenges and public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI). 

aws IÖB-Toolbox (in brief)

What is funded?

Costs of acquisition of innovative products and/or services (Transfer Module) and costs of consulting by external providers (Prepare Module) can be funded.



Public-sector purchasers


Target group

Public-sector purchasers


Funding procedure/-instrument

Call | Grant



up to EUR 100,000


Project duration

Project period up to 12 months


Submission deadline

25.04.2022 (12 a.m)

30.05.2022 (12 a.m)

22.08.2022 (12 a.m)

11.10.2022 (12 a.m)


Approval period

Depending on the dates of the jury meetings, which are held several times a year.