aws LISA Life Science Austria

Contact point for cooperation, establishment and funding of life science projects and companies in Austria.

The aims of the initiative are to increase the number of life science companies in Austria through start-ups and relocation to Austria, financing as well as valuable guidance of the founders and companies through various consulting services and training courses.

In order to achieve these aims, aws LISA organises the business plan competition BoB (Best of Biotech), finances very promising, pre-competitive research projects with aws Preseed Deep Tech and advises companies and start-ups in the areas of business models, structuring, business plan creation, financing, funding and patents. Funding start-ups using aws Seedfinancing Deep Tech financing in the later development of the company is among the most important financial instruments in the start-up and growth phase of a life science company.

aws LISA is a focus programme available to interested persons from all over the world as the number one point of contact on the Austrian life science scene.

The programme promotes the life science location Austria in the international market by, for example, positioning Austria at leading international trade fairs. aws LISA international marketing provides young Austrian life science firms and research institutions more effective access to the international market under the aws LISA umbrella brand. aws LISA also brings about excellent collaboration between regions at international level and increases the visibility of Austria as an attractive location. Thereby, the level of recognition of the Austrian life science companies is raised internationally and Austria as a life science location is strengthened. aws Life Science Austria works together with the Austrian Life Science Cluster. This allows services and expertise to be bundled.

Founders of newly-founded and established life science companies in Austria

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