aws Preseed - Deep Tech

By means of aws Preseed - Deep Tech, we finance and accompany deep-tech companies in the pre-foundation phase. Goal: technical and commercial preparation, implementation and validation of the “Proof of Concept”.

aws Preseed - Deep Tech (in brief)

What is funded?

Proof of Concept



Deep-Tech Start-ups – e.g. Digitalisation, ICT, Physical Sciences, GreenTech, Quantum Technology, Life Sciences  (Pharma/Biotech, Medtech incl. Digital Health)

Target group

Deep Tech Start-ups


Funding procedure/instrument

Call | Grant


Volumen (copy 1)

up to EUR 200,000

The maximum amount of funding can only be applied for if at least one woman is a future shareholder with more than 25% shares in the business and works in a management position. Otherwise the funding cap is EUR 170,000.

Project duration

1 - 2 years


Submission deadline

at any time


Approval period

several decision dates a year


Success rate

25 %


aws Preseed - Deep Tech (in detail)