aws Processing of Agricultural Products

With aws Processing of Agricultural Products we support investments of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as agricultural farms and cooperations in innovation, sustainability, quality and efficiency in the sector of processing and marketing of agricultural products.

Field of business

Processing and marketing of agricultural products

Size of the company

  • Companies up to 750 employees or turn-over of max. 200M euros.

Phase of development

  • All


  • You employ max. 750 employees.
  • Your turn-over is max. 200 Mio. Euro.
  • Your project means a financial challenge for you.
  • The minimal amount of your investment is 300.000 Euro.
  • Supported investments are to be used for 5 years after payment of the grant.
  • You need 2 offers for every cost position up to 10.000 Euro and 3 offers for every cost position more than 10.000 Euro before the approval.
  • The application must be submitted before the implementation of the project is started.
  • The provisions of the guideline must be fulfilled.
  • Investments:
    • Increase of the degree of refinement: branded-/convenience-product.
    • Improvement and assurance of hygiene conditions and quality.
    • Implementation or improvement of a system of traceability.
    • Improving efficiency in the processing and marketing sector.
    • Effective use of natural resources.
    • Processing or marketing of biological products.
    • Improvement of animal protection and welfare.

Success rate

80 % - 90 %

Type of subsidy

  • Grant, not refundable


  • 10–26 % of the eligible costs, max. 1M euros

Eligible costs

All following directly attributable and actually incurred costs - during the project duration:

  • Investment in buildings
  • Machines and equipment
  • Planning and consulting up to 12 % of the investment amount

Implementation period

Up to 2 years


Payment by the Paying Agency AMA-Agrarmarkt Austria – after end of project and control of final account by aws: original invoices, payment confirmations etc.


Not refundable



Additional funding

Within the scope of the General Block Exemption Regulation and the «de-minimis» limit the grant can be combined with:

  • aws erp-loan
  • aws guarantee
  • Second hand equipment
  • Property Purchase
  • Personnel costs
  • Investment in farming activities

Moment of application

Deadlines for the treatment of funding applications in the next selection procedures are:

  • 19.01.2021: 
    (Deadline for the submission of the complete required documents to the decision finding committee on 23.03.2021)
  • 29.04.2021:
    (Deadline for the submission of the complete required documents to the decision finding committee on 01.07.2021)
  • 16.09.2021:
    (Deadline for the submission of the complete required documents to the decision finding committee on 18.11.2021)

Process of application and approval

  1. You submit the application via the aws Fördermanager.
  2. You receive a confirmation of receipt.
  3. If required, we ask you for further information.
  4. First, we check the most important criteria regarding form and content.
  5. Meeting on spot of investment for clarification of project details.
  6. Approval of the application by the “Decision finding committee” in accordance with the ranking corresponding to the evaluation scheme – minimum score are 23 points.
  7. Please notice: The budget funds are assigned according to the project ranking. Whether your project is grant-aided depends on the available funds. There is no legal claim to the grant – although your project achieved the minimum score. Thank you for your understanding.

We inform you as soon as possible whether your application was approved.

Duration of the approval process

4–6 months. Meetings of the "decision finding committee" funding advisory board are held regularly. Funding agreements are drawn up directly afterwards.

Your contact

Mag. Bernhard Wipfel
Mag. Bernhard Wipfel
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Mag.a Christine Micheler
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Mag. Matthias Hutter
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