aws Starting a business in rural areas

With the aws Starting a business in rural areas, we support small technologically innovative enterprises that create economic added value in the region – in line with the regional or state strategy.

All – except agricultural and forestry enterprises

Company size
Small business

Development phase
Foundation phase: 1 year prior to, 5 years after foundation


  • Products or services are technological and innovative.
  • Location of project in a rural area.
  • The company creates economic added value for the region.
  • The project fits the strategy of the region or the state.
  • The project costs are between 20,000 and 200,000 euros.
  • The costs of the individual items are more than 5,000 euros.
  • For cost items under 10,000 euros, you must submit 2 offers; for cost items 10,000 euros or higher, you must submit 3 offers.
  • The application is submitted before the project starts.
  • The general provisions and the guideline have been fulfilled.

Success rate
40 %

Type of financing
Grant, non-repayable

Funding amount
Up to 55 % of the project costs, but no more than 50,000 euros

Project duration
Up to 24 months

Eligible costs

  • According to the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness, all of the following directly attributable and actually incurred costs – during the duration of the project:

    • General project-related investment costs
    • Material investment costs, e.g. for machines
    • Intangible investment costs, e.g. for licences

After project completion – after final settlement has been presented and audited



Additional funding
Within the framework of the AGVO and the de minimis ceiling, you can combine the following subsidies with aws Starting a business in rural areas:

  • aws erp-Loan
  • aws Guarantee
  • Items with costs up to 5,000 euros
  • Orders, invoices/payments, before the reference date or after the implementation period has ended
  • Non-capitalised costs

Dates and deadlines

  • 10/09/2019: Submission deadline for complete applications
  • 12/11/2019: Selection process

Application and approval process

  1. You apply for funding within the submission period via the aws funding manager.
  2. Please note: The application must be completed and submitted using the templates.
  3. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from us.
  4. We will then check the content and formal requirements.
  5. An independent jury of experts will evaluate and rank the projects according to the requirements in the guideline specifications.

Duration of the approval process
About 3 months after the submission period

Your contact

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Biedermann, MBA, MSc
Dipl.-Ing. Karl Biedermann, MBA, MSc
Deep Technologies