aws Venture Capital Initiative

With the aws Venture Capital Initiative we want to stimulate the financing of research- and technology-oriented start-ups and win international venture capital funds for an increased engagement in Austria.

Deadlines for applications

As a rule, the calls take place once a year. Currently the 9th Call is open until 15th September 2021.

Decision process

  1. aws invites qualified fund managers to apply. Information about the respective call can be found in a guide that is published with this announcement.
  2. Applications must be submitted via dataroom (provided by the respective applicant) to aws within the open deadline.
  3. aws selects qualified VC funds. The selection criteria meet the above requirements and are explained in detail in the guide (only in German available).
  4. aws concludes an investment agreement with the selected funds
  5. Funds are disbursed and repaid in accordance with this Participation Agreement

Duration of the process

Approx. 3 month

Industry sectors

Venture Capital-Funds, that invest in research- and technology-oriented start-ups

Company size


Development stage

Companies in the start-up or scale-up stage.


  • The VC fund is qualified: "track record" of the management team in early stage financing and investment strategy.
  • The VC fund invests at least twice the amount of the aws capital commitment in Austrian companies
  • The VC fund invests in research- and technology-oriented start-ups.

Program Objective

Mobilizing private risk capital to finance research and technology-oriented start-ups.

Success rate


  • Type of Financing

    Investments in VC funds, which have a focus on investments in technology-oriented Austrian start-ups - at market conditions

    Please note:

  • aws can invest directly in VC funds that invest significantly (for the most part of allocation) in Austria

  • aws participates in VC funds not investing significantly in Austria e.g. via tracking Shares, subfund- or trust solutions.

  • All investment and exit decisions are made by the VC Fund alone - without the aws involved.
  • Investment Amount

    3 to 10 Mio. Euro per Fund

    Investment Term

    Equals the term of the investee fund


    Drawdowns in the form of capital calls throughout the term of the investee fund


    Distribution according to the LPA of the investee fund

    Expected return

    At market level – pari passu with the private investors of the investee fund

    Additional programs


  • VC funds that do not meet the conditions mentioned above
  • VC funds, in which the public sector is a majority investor

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