Project background and content

Innovative technologies are offering enterprises new opportunities to distinguish their products from those of their competitors, access new markets or introduce a different corporate culture, for example. Social challenges such as globalisation, demographic change, shortages of resources and climate change are driving forces that support the switch to these technologies. Small and medium-sized enterprises often lack the human and financial resources to implement digital technologies. This is where the “SMART SPACE” project comes in.



The project is intended to promote the use of digital technologies, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Alpine region. The goal is to develop a smart strategy to answer the social, economic and geographic requirements and challenges of the Alpine region.



The “SMART SPACE” Alpine space project is a collaboration between partners from Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Slovenia. The challenge lies in developing solutions and concepts for SME in all of the regions involved and refining these solutions for the target groups in question.


SMART SPACE Digital Marketing Bootcamp

As part of the SMART SPACE project, a “Digital Marketing Bootcamp” is held for SME employees in the form of a one-day workshop. Here, participants are equipped with new methods and tools in the field of digital marketing to enable them to meet the challenges of digitisation and anchor new approaches within their companies in a practical manner.


Transnational Collaboration Call

The Transnational Collaboration Call supporting Digital Transformation in Medium and Small Enterprises is intended to adress experts from academic institutions who can support with SME digitisaion processes in the regions involved in the project. This will facilitate transnational collaboration within the scope of the project.

You can find further information about the call here: