aws First Incubator

With aws First Incubator, we support young, innovative people on their way to having their first very own company – with a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, with guidance and resources, and with professional coaching and financial support, and with the aws first community and a network of experts.

All – few exceptions (see program document)

Company size
Projects with 1 - 4 project members

Development phase

  • Pre-foundation phase: from business idea to business model
  • Young businesses (formation of the company not longer than 6 months ago, previous net sales not more than 10,000 euros.)
  • You are innovative people with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • All persons are between the age of 18 and 30.
  • You have a first innovative idea that can be developed into a business model and / or for which you still need essential know-how for your first steps on the market.
  • You meet the requirements of the program document.

Success rate
10 – 20 %

special terms and conditions: aws First International Incubator

With aws First International Incubator, we support all internationals and international start-up teams with an entrepreneurial spirit on their way to founding a start-up in Austria and taking their first steps on the Austrian market - with professional coaching and financial support, the aws First community and a network of experts.

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Elena Maria Tröscher, BA
Elena Maria Tröscher
Julia Maria Schanderl