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The objective of the funding program "AI Mission Austria Module AI-Start: Green" is the initial implementation of AI projects in companies of all sizes that contribute to green technologies and sustainability, in collaboration with a cooperation and implementation partner.

Call for AI-Start: Green Ends

Call for AI-Start: Green Ends

Thank you for your innovative and exciting projects for the AI-Start: Green funding program!
This call has ended as of March 1, 2024, and we are no longer able to accept new submissions.
Information about the next opportunity to apply for AI-Start: Green will be provided in the fall. We recommend subscribing to the aws newsletter so you don't miss out on any opportunities.

If you're searching for collaboration partners and innovative use cases in the AI sector or wish to present your own, please sign up for the aws AI Marketplace! aws KI-Marktplatz an!

All industries, with a particular focus on those using or developing green technologies and sustainable solutions.

Company size
All company sizes


  1. The application is submitted before the start of the project.
  2. The company's registered office or place of business is located in Austria.
  3. The upper limit according to AGVO or de-minimis must be observed.
  4. An offer from a potential cooperation and implementation partner must be available uploaded upon application (potential cooperation and implementation partners can be found on the aws KI-Marktplatz).
  5. First-time implementation of an AI project in a company with a focus on green technologies and sustainability.

For more information on the requirements, please refer to the program document (available in German)

Success rate
25 %

Type of funding
Non-repayable grant

Funding amount
Up to 50 % of the eligible project costs and up to EUR 15,000

Project duration
9 months

Eligible costs
Consulting and implementation costs:

Costs for external consulting and implementation services directly related to the planning, implementation, and execution of the initial AI project. This includes, for example:

  • Survey the potential of AI use in business in the context of sustainability.
  • Identify appropriate use cases in the area of green technologies.
  • Creating the (data) prerequisites and/or project planning for sustainable solutions.
  • Implementation and execution of a (pilot) project focused on green technologies and sustainability.

Approval period
1 - 4 month

You will receive the grant at the end of the project after final completion of the project accounting.



Additional funding/Complementary services
aws AI-Adoption 
aws AI-Knowledge (German)
aws KI-Marktplatz

What cannot be funded?

  • Projects that are not first-time AI projects with a focus on green technologies and sustainability.
  • Projects without an existing offer from a cooperation and implementation partner.
  • Projects where the application is not submitted by a company based in Austria.
  • Projects that do not sufficiently address green technology and sustainability issues.
  • Projects where the use of artificial intelligence does not provide a significant technical or economic benefit in the area of green technology.
  • Projects that do not meet the formal and content criteria (see program document available in German).
  • Projects that were started before the application was submitted.
  • Projects for which full financing cannot be demonstrated.

The call is open from January 1, 2024, to March 1, 2024, 12:00 PM.

  • Application has to be exclusively sent via aws Fördermanager
  • The formal and content-related examination will be conducted by the aws experts according to the Best-Of principle.
  • Approval takes place within 1 to 4 months.
  • We will inform you about our decision as quickly as possible in any case.

FAQ (available in German)

Downloads (available in German)



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