aws Innovation Protection advanced - Implementation

The aim is to support you in flexibly implementing in your company a property rights strategy developed together with you and to do so by strengthening your resources. This is aimed at Austrian-based companies from all sectors, especially innovative, technology-orientated companies.

All industries - especially innovative, technology-orientated industries

Company size
Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, i.e.

  • Employees: at least 2 and < 250
  • Turnover: < EUR 50 million  
  • Balance sheet total: < EUR 43 million

Development phase
All business phases


  • They meet all formal and content-related criteria as well as programme-specific requirements

Details: Guideline Specifications

Eligible costs

  • Costs of acquiring new intellectual property rights and defending and enforcing existing intellectual property rights
  • Costs for external consulting services to support the implementation of a strategy regarding intellectual property rights
  • Personnel costs for innovation protection management 
  • Costs related to the transfer of intellectual property rights (licensing, acquisition)

Funding level
Grant: up to 50 % of eligible project costs – but no more than EUR 100,000

Project duration
A maximum of 2 years

As soon as you have submitted the invoices for already performed third-party services



  • Costs resulting from invoices for small amounts below EUR 150 (net),
  • Costs of continuous routine consulting or marketing
  • Court costs and any reimbursement of costs to opposing parties in relation to property right infringements
  • Ongoing incurred sales-dependent (turnover, units, etc.) Licence costs
  • Value added tax
  • Incidental wage costs, travel expenses

Application date
at any time until 15/05/2023

Application and approval

  1. You apply for aws innovation protection via the aws Funding Manager.
  2. An independent jury decides on funding applications with a grant.
  3. Funding applications with a grant can be approved in several sub-projects. The allocation of requested costs and consultancy services to sub-projects is clarified in detail in advance with the applicant company.
  4. In this case we will inform you of our decision as soon as possible.

Approval period

  • Funding (coaching and grant):
    Jury decision about every 2 to 3 months

Your contact

Dipl.-Ing. Cornelia Radlinger
IP Management