aws Innovation Protection

Your company relies on innovative products and business models.

With aws Innovation Protection, we support you in recognising important intellectual property (IP), strategically securing it, defending it and using it optimally - especially in the area of ​green tech.  An innovation protection strategy tailored to your business model forms the basis for creating and securing your competitive position.

aws Innovation Protection promotes the development and implementation of a company-specific innovation protection strategy through coaching, combined with grants.

Our innovation protection services

aws Innovation Protection

Step by step to more security for your intellectual property and sustainable business success.

This is how you develop and protect your innovation!
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aws Innovation ProtectionInformational appointment

Brief telephone consultation
Your questions will be answered by aws experts on innovation protection and possible funding.

Arrange an informational appointment

aws Innovation Protectiondiscover.IP

Individual conversation

(2-3 hours) on your innovation project with experts from the Austrian Patent Office and from aws.


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aws Innovation Protectionadvanced

Comprehensive coaching

by experts from aws in the development and implementation of your innovation and data protection strategy, including a financial grant for implementation.

3 modules are offered:




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Here you will find free contract templates for innovation protection and support for open innovation processes.
aws Innovation protection information appointment & discover.IP (overview)

What is funded?

Brief telephone consultation - your questions on innovation protection and possible funding will be answered by aws experts.

discover.IP offers an individual conversation (2-3 hours) on your innovation project with experts from the Austrian Patent Office and from aws.



All industries


Target group

All types of companies


Funding procedure/instrument

First come - First serve | Coaching


Submission deadline

At any time


Your contact persons:

Dr. Angela Siegling, CLP
IP Management
Mag. (FH) Gerd Zechmeister
Mag. (FH) Gerd Zechmeister
IP Management
aws Innovation protection advanced (overview)

What is funded?

Innovation and data protection strategies for your business model, intellectual property advice and costs.



all industries, especially technology-orientated industries and green technologies


Target group

Start-upsG, small and medium-sized companies (all modules), large companiesG (AI Knowledge module only)


Funding procedure/instrument

Call | Grant, Coaching


Project volume

from EUR 20,000 - EUR 200,000 eligible costs with 50 % - 80 % grant (depending on module)


Project duration

up to 3 years


Submission deadline

At any time.
aws Innovation Protection - Implementation: until 15/05/2023
aws Innovation Protection - Green.IPG: until 30/09/2023
aws Innovation Protection - AI knowledge: until 31/12/2024


Approval period

2 - 12 weeks


Success rate

75 %


aws Innovation Protection advanced - Implementation

The aim is to support you in flexibly implementing in your company a property rights strategy developed together with you and to do so by strengthening your resources. This is aimed at Austrian-based companies from all sectors, especially innovative, technology-orientated companies.

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aws Innovation Protection advanced - Green.IP

The aim is to increase the value of their environmental technologies, e.g. for projects, products, services from the subject areas such as e-mobility or the generation of renewable energies and to secure them in the long term. Companies that can benefit are those interested in the development and implementation of an innovation protection strategy tailored to the business model through coaching from aws experts, combined with grants.

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aws Innovation Protection advanced - AI Knowledge

The aim is for aws experts to pass on the necessary know-how to local companies from the software and hardware industry in order to identify the intellectual property that they have created through their product development as such and to protect it from plagiarism, to defend against illegal imitators if necessary, and to find the best possible means of commercial exploitation. In addition, you will receive advice on how to contractually secure your intellectual property rights to AI training data.

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Since March 2021, aws has been a proud partner of WIPO Green, the international marketplace for sustainable technologies of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This means aws provides targeted support within the Innovation Protection programme for environmental technologies for the transfer and utilisation of Austrian environmental technologies.