aws investments in growth – special terms and conditions: Green Frontrunner

The Green Frontrunner programme supports innovative Austria-based companies, focused on international markets, that are establishing a market and/or technological leader position. In addition, these Frontrunner companies are pursuing a business plan that takes into account climate and environmental goals. 

  • Market or technological leaders or companies establishing their market and/or technological leader position
  • with a high export quota
  • with a high market share within the relevant industry
  • with considerable R&D activities
  • with a positive economic development
  • with a business plan aligned with climate and environmental goals
  • with a project that contributes to climate and environmental goals
  • the project is in accordance with the aws guideline specifications
  • Grant for investment or development costs, maximum EUR 1 m.
  • Financing with an aws erp soft loan is prerequisite
  • The Frontrunner programme is open for applications at any time. The funding decision is made by the aws based on a recommendation of the erp Credit Commission.