aws Growth investment

With aws growth investment we support companies realizing growth an innovation projects with the aim of strengthening their market position.

Field of business

Production and services related to production

Size of the company

  • Focus on SMEs (also large companies to limited extend)

Phase of development

  • All


  • The project is implemented in Austria.
  • The project volume amounts to at least EUR 300,000.–.
  • The application must be submitted before the implementation of the project is started
  • The provisions of the General Block Exemption Regulation must be fulfilled.

Success rate

80 % - 90 %

Type of financing

  • Non-repayable grant

Financing amount

  • On average between 300,000.– and 400,000.– euros.

Eligible costs

  • Investment in machinery, prototypes, pilot plants, IT/IT-Solutions, technical equipment, buildings and facilities.

Implementation period

Up to 2 years


At pre-defined milestones or after implementation of the project.





Additional funding

  • The aws growth investment is only granted in combination with an aws erp-loan.
  • Within the scope of the General Block Exemption Regulation aws growth investment can be combined with
  • aws guarantee
  • public funding of the Austrian Federal States.
  • In case the implementation of the project has been started before the submission of the application
  • Trade and services not related to production
  • Large enterprises not seated in areas eligible for regional aid
  • Projects without a significant added economic value

Moment of application


Process of application and approval

  1. You submit the application together with an ERP trustee bank via the aws Fördermanager.
  2. You receive a confirmation of receipt.
  3. First, we check the most important criteria regarding form and content.
  4. If required, we ask you for further information.
  5. If necessary, we visit your company and ask you for clarification of project details.
  6. We analyse the application in detail and take the decision if we can support your project.

We inform you as soon as possible if your application has been approved or not.

Duration of the approval process

Usually 1–3 months

special terms and conditions: Green Frontrunner

The Green Frontrunner-program is open for continuous submission.

The aws Green Frontrunner program is targeted towards leading Austrian companies, characterized by a high degree of internationalization and technological advancement. Companies within the Frontrunner framework are on the verge of becoming a (global) market leader within their industry sector. In addition, the Frontrunner companies pursure a Frontrunnner strategy focused on climate and environmental goals. Support is provided for growth and innovation projects that contribute significantly to the expansion of the Frontrunner position and effectively support a Green Frontrunner strategy aligned with climate and environmental goals. All potential Frontrunner projects are coordinated in close cooperation with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), who also supports companies within the Frontrunner regulation.

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special condition: SME & technology

Application anytime.

This program provides funds of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for growth investments of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). In addition, technology-related projects including the implementation or provision of new and innovative products or services of SMEs and large enterprises (in areas eligible for regional aid) are supported.

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Dr. Georg Silber
Dr. Georg Silber
Kreditmanagement und Kofinanzierungen für Industrie
Mag. Erika Köszegi-Lagally, EMA
Mag.a Erika Köszegi-Lagally, EMA
Kreditmanagement und Kofinanzierungen für Gründungen und KMU
Mag. Monika Pollack
Mag.a Monika Pollack
Kreditmanagement und Kofinanzierungen für Industrie