aws growth investment – special condition: SME & technology

This brief summary informs about specific prerequisites for the program „aws growth investment“.

This non-repayable grant is available for investments, related to growth periods of SMEs in the area of production or company-related services. In case of R&D-related or technology-orientated investments this grant is also available for large enterprises.

  • The ERDF-specific disclosure obligations (in German) are to be observed – there are templates in the download-section below on this page.
  • In order to proof that the public funds are used in an economic way, three comparable offers have to be provided for every investment.
  • A separate accounting code has to be installed for the investment (Link).
  • The ERDF-specific selection criteria (in German) have to be sufficiently met (at least 50%)
  • The provisions of the guidelines (NEU) and the „Nationale Förderfähigkeitsregeln" (in German) have to be fulfilled.
  • The amount of the ERDF-grant depends on the corresponding national subsidy for the project as well as on the location of the project due to separately managed budgets of the Austrian federal units.
  • Eligible costs are: capitalizable investments in machinery, engineering facilities, equipment, investment in IT and/or company buildings.The following costs are not eligible: payroll costs, purchase of real property or existing buildings, used goods, deliveries and services within affiliated companies, vehicles, show rooms and investments in buildings for private use or renting.
  • The „aws growth investment“ is only granted in combination with an aws erp loan.
  • In course of the application the awareness questionnaire (in German) has to be completed.
  • For both the beginning and the end of the project implementation period, a confirmation by the public health insurance has to be submitted, stating the number of employees together with a conversion in full-time equivalent (FTE). A completion guide can be found here (in German).
  • The document „information concerning ERDF-conditions“ (DOWNLOAD) has to be signed in order to confirm that the ERDF-requirements - especially regarding economic use of public funds and instalment of a separate accounting code can be fulfilled (in German)
  • A template of a funding agreement can be found here (in German).
  • After the successful implementation of the investment, a final settlement has to be submitted. Due to the complex nature and the number of necessary documents involved, we recommend to make use of a personal briefing. Please contact Xavier GRUBER . A guide for the ERDF-settlement and the involved documents can be found here (Link).
  • For example, the written purchase order of the assets has to be documented.
    • guide for final settlement (in German)
    • list of other public subsidies - Aufstellung Förderungen (Abrechnung)
    • list of documents and receipts - Belegverzeichnis (Abrechnung)
    • comparison of planned project costs with realized project costs - Soll-Ist-Vergleich (Abrechnung)
  • Settlement is exclusively carried out through the aws Funding Manager. For technical issues or questions, the technical support is available to assist you.