aws Innovation Protection advanced - AI Knowledge

The aim is for aws experts to pass on the necessary know-how to local companies from the software and hardware industry in order to identify the intellectual property that they have created through their product development as such and to protect it from plagiarism, to defend against illegal imitators if necessary, and to find the best possible means of commercial exploitation. In addition, you will receive advice on how to contractually secure your intellectual property rights to AI training data.

Companies from the software and hardware industry that are developing artificial intelligence

Company size
Companies of all sizes

Development phase
All business phases


  • Operating location in Austria
  • Your company develops:
    • Trustworthy AI,
    • Explainable AI,
    • Edge AI.
  • With your application for funding, you submit a detailed project description with a plausible implementation plan (project plan, financial and human resources and, if necessary, procurement plan for AI training data).
    • Your company meets all formal and content-related requirements for the “AI Knowledge” funding module.

Success rate
75 %

For more information on the requirements, please see the Guideline Specifications.

Type of financing
Non-repayable grant

Financing amount

  • Free coaching by aws Innovation Protection and industry experts for up to a maximum of 20 hours
  • Grant of up to 80 % of the eligible project costs, but no more than EUR 20,000.

Project term
A maximum of 18 months

Eligible costs

  • Legal advice on the procurement, use and further processing of Al training data
  • Relevant contract set-up costs

Approval period
Funding (coaching and grant): Jury decision about every 2 to 3 months

As soon as you have submitted an invoice for already performed third-party services.


No processing fee

Additional funding
AI Mission Austria - Start Module
AI Mission Austria - Adoption Module
aws AI Marketplace

Which costs are not funded?

  • Costs incurred prior to the application date
  • Costs resulting from invoices for small amounts, i.e. below €150 (net)
  • Travel expenses
  • Incidental wage costs
  • Costs of external consultants in the case of ongoing, routine consultations or marketing
  • Court costs and any reimbursement of costs to opposing parties in relation to property right infringements
  • Value added tax

Application date
The CallG is open from 1 February 2023 to 31 December 2024.

Application and approval

  1. You apply for “AI Mission Austria - Module AI Knowledge” exclusively via the aws Funding Manager.
  2. Your application is accompanied by a business plan with a project or product description and a statement of costs.
  3. An independent jury decides on funding applications with a grant.
  4. In this case we will inform you of our decision as soon as possible.

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