aws Seedfinancing - Deep Tech

From prototype to market entry: by means of awsSeedfinancing Deep Tech, we bridge the financing gap of innovative start-ups, which develop high-technology products. And there’s more: we coach and advise start-ups and help you them to unlock additional sources of finance.

aws Seedfinancing - Deep Tech (in brief)

What do we fund?

Development phase to marketable product



Deep-Tech Start-upsG – e.g. Digitalisation, ICT, Physical Sciences, GreenTech, Quantum Technology, Life Sciences (Pharma/Biotech, Medtech incl. Digital Health)


Target group

Deep Tech Start-ups


Funding procedure/-instrument

Call | Grant



up to EUR 800,000

The maximum amount of funding can only be applied for if at least one woman is a future shareholder with more than 25% shares in the business and works in a management position. Otherwise the funding cap is EUR 700,000.

Project duration

2-5 years

Total contractual duration 9–12 years

Submission deadline

at any time


Approval period

several decision dates a year


Success rate

25 %


aws Seedfinancing - Deep Tech (in detail)


Deep-Tech Start-ups – e.g. Digitalisation, ICT, Physical Science, Green Tech and Tech for Green, Quantum Technology, Life Science (Pharma/Biotech, Medtech incl. Digital Health)

Company size

Small enterprise with

  • <50 employees
  • <10 million euros annual turnover or balance sheet total

Development phase

Foundation phase: up to 5 years after formation of the start-up company

Requirements (extract)

  • The application is submitted before the project starts.
  • The business model is based on an exceptional technological and scientific challenge (technology leap).
  • The company has large growth potential: several million euros in sales and financing rounds of at least EUR €5 million are realistic within the next few years.
  • The team is innovative and committed, start-up driven and willing to take risks.
  • The company must be independent pursuant to the EU definition of SME. Other companies shall have a maximum holding of 24.9%, and pure financial investors a maximum of 49.9%
  • The criteria for the guideline and the guideline specifications, as well as GBER (General Block Exemption Regulation) are fulfilled.
  • The budget of EUR 800,000 in Art. 22 GBER (General Block Exemption Regulation) has not yet been exhausted.
  • You can find further information in the download area.


Digital Health Innovation Focus within the framework of Seedfinancing – Deep Tech

For deep-tech founders and deep-tech companies, which fulfil the seed financing requirements AND whose future product or service provision lies within the Digital Health sector.

Seed financing digital health innovation issues include:

  • e-health: electronic patient records, telemedicine
  • Digitally supported automation: robotics, sensor technology, 3D printing
  • Patient self-treatment: wearables, social media, fitness
  • Data: Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence

The application is made within the “aws Seedfinancing Deep Tech” program.

The maximum subsidy amount for this priority is:

EUR 100,000.

If at least one woman is a shareholder with more than a 25% share in the business and works in a management position, the maximum funding amount is increased by 15%, up to a maximum of EUR 115,000.



GREEN Seed Financing Focus:

For deep-tech founders and deep-tech companies, which fulfil the seed financing requirements AND whose future product or service provision lies within the action areas of the EU’s Green Deal

GREEN Seed Financing topics include:

  • Climate protection: climate-neutral design of EU by 2050
  • Clean energy
  • Sustainable industry: for sustainable and more environmentally-friendly production cycles
  • Mobility: funding of environmentally-compatible transport
  • Sustainable agriculture & from the yard to the table: guarantee of a more sustainable food chain
  • Biodiversity: measures to protect our sensitive ecosystem
  • Elimination of pollution: measures to rapidly and effectively combat pollution
  • Buildings and renovation: need for a more environmentally-friendly construction sector

You can find more information in our FAQs.
The application is made within the “aws Seedfinancing” program.

Success rate


Your contact:

Eva Maria Schlintl, MSc
Eva Maria Schlintl, MSc
Deep Technologies
Ing. Mag. Karl Schiller
Ing. Mag. Karl Schiller
Deep Technologies
Dipl.Ing. Paul Ullmann
Dipl.-Ing. Paul Ullmann
Deep Technologies


IKT & Engeneering Sciences: Dipl.-Ing. Paul Ullmann

Life Science: Eva Maria Schlintl, MSc

GREEN Seedfinancing: Ing. Karl Schiller