aws Seedfinancing - Innovative Solutions

aws Seedfinancing - Innovative Solutions finances and accompanies start-ups in all sectors with an innovative start-up idea in the course of development, which, beyond the boundaries of the company, generates a positive added value to society and high market prospects within the framework of scalable business models. Projects with an existing “proof of concept” are funded, which are aligned to achieving market readiness and market launch.


all sectors apart from Deep Tech

Company form/ size

already founded partnerships or corporations (exclusively micro and small enterprises pursuant to SME definition)

Development phase

Foundation phase: companies up to 5 years after foundation date


  • The application is submitted before the project starts.
  • The project will be implemented in Austria.
  • Based on AGVO [General Block Exemption Regulation]: the budget of EUR 800,000 in Art. 22 AGVO has not yet been exhausted.
  • Based on de-minimis: de-minimis ceiling of EUR 200,000 must be observed.
  • Partnerships or corporations, which are regarded as micro or small enterprises pursuant to the SME definition.
  • The content and economic feasibility has already been reviewed and there are only prototypes and applications.
  • The project includes development of a completely new solution for current problems, significant supplements to current solutions or the application of current technologies/ materials/ procedures in a new sector or for solution of a new problem through to market readiness.
  • Regardless of the sector, the innovation-specific impact should cover the following subject areas:
    • Diversity/ equality/ integration/ inclusion
    • Environment/ resources/ climate protection
    • social and/or economic change
    • Health/ care
    • Education
    • Mobility/ transport
    • Urban development/ life in the countryside/ housing
  • Projects are funded under the extended innovation concept (Soft Innovation, Low and Non-Tech), apart from high technology (Deep-Tech). If the core of innovation lies in the Deep Tech sector, the aws Preseed - Deep Tech and aws Seedfinancing - Deep Tech programmes are more suitable.
  • The project has realistic and strong market prospects.


Project goals

Projects are funded for which a “proof of concept” can already be verified and which are aligned to achieving market readiness and market launch. The focus is on the further development of innovative products, services or applications (the content and business feasibility of which can already be depicted plausibly and traceably) through to market readiness and initial measures for market transition. The company pursues an above-average growth strategy and is open to growth financing.

Success rate
Given that this is a new programme, no conclusion can presently be drawn on a success rate.

Type of funding

non-repayable grant

Funding amount

  • max. EUR 400,000
    Granting of a subsidy up to an amount of EUR 350,000 (as de-minimis or AGVO [General Block Exemption Regulation] funding). If the foundation team includes at least one woman with (future) minimum 25% shares in the business, who has relevant qualifications for the project, the potential funding amount is increased by EUR 50,000. The shareholder’s collaboration in a managerial role during the project shall be verified.
  • max. 90% of eligible total costs of the project

There is no legal entitlement to funding.


Project duration

maximum 2 years

Eligible costs

  1. Personnel costs (e.g. salaries and wages)
  2. Costs of materials (tangible and intangible investments, such as intellectual property and licensing rights, development costs for pilot and demonstration objects: machines, tools, etc.)
  3. Other costs incurred directly within the scope of the project (e.g. supplies, materials)
  4. Third-party costs, i.e. Additional purchase of external services (e.g. IT services, project-specific consulting services, additional purchase of market studies, costs of market research, compilation of a project-specific marketing/distribution plan)

Please find further details in the FAQs.


You will receive the grant in tranches upon reaching predefined milestones.





Additional funding

aws Protecting Innovation

aws Connect

  • Projects that conform to the latest technology or merely serve the goal of routine changes or gradual improvements to existing prodcuts, services and production processes (incremental innovations) cannot be funded
  • Projects from the Deep-Tech sector
  • Investments beyond the funding period
  • Real estate properties, vehicles, construction of buildings or non-specific building equipment
  • Costs that do not constitute an essential precondition for successful project completion and achievement of goals;
  • Costs incurred before the application date or the contractually stipulated project start date
  • serial production
  • private pension scheme, fringe benefits and other voluntary contributions, reserves, provisions, etc.
  • Costs that are not deemed eligible based on provisions of EU competition law
  • Costs covered in other public funding schemes
  • Value added tax is not eligible. However, if there is no right to deduct input tax, it shall be considered as an eligible cost component.
  1. You apply for funding via the aws funding manager.
  2. We will analyse the application based on content and formal criteria and check on the completeness of documents. In case of non-compliance with formal requirements, the application will be excluded from further processing.
  3. Content and economic evaluation by an assessment panel of all complete applications that comply with the specified criteria.
  4. Classification based on “best-of” principle in accordance with the funding criteria pursuant to currently effective guideline specifications.
  5. Final decision round with assessment panel.


In each case we will inform you of our decision as soon as possible.


Approval period

Depending on the dates of the assessment panel meetings, which are held several times a year.

Service line for concrete questions on applications and programme:

Phone: +43 1 501 75 -880

Serviceline E-Mail:

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