IREEN supports people in selling their property

aws Digitalisierung – Künstliche Intelligenz | 2021 | Wien


IREEN stands for Intelligent Real Estate Evaluation Network and is an AI that supports people in selling their property. However, IREEN does not want to compete with estate agents, but is primarily aimed at the as yet untapped market segment of private sellers who first try to sell their property themselves due to high commissions, but fail due to the complexity or effort of the sales process and then look for an estate agent. After all, this affects 13,000 transactions in Austria in 2019. In addition, IREEN supports companies in the real estate industry to optimise their processes in order to remain competitive even after the upcoming transformation from the dual agent to the buyer principle. IREEN consists of two AI modules: Module 1 is the AI-based property valuation and the automated creation of a sales exposé. Module 2 is the AI-based marketing of the property, maximising the marketing reach (through exposé optimisation) and strategic pricing advice. In both components, the trustworthiness and explainability of the AI recommendations and the autonomy of the users are in the foreground, are a central part of the value creation and user experience and a requirement for the success of our business model. Our goal is to replace the "market feeling" that a broker develops over years of experience with an AI and, unlike a broker, to be able to visualise and justify it with data in a way that is easy to understand. It is important to counter natural user scepticism and to establish trust between man and machine with valid arguments.



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